Nurseries in Israel:

Hishtil Nehalim

Established (1974) in Moshav Nehalim.
The corporation head office is located in Hishtil Nehalim.


Nehalim nursery produces:
Vegetable and cut flower seedlings 
Flowering annuals  
Natural landscape restoration plants
Herb seedlings

Hishtil Kfar Yedidya
Established (1975) in Kfar Yedidya.

Yedidya nursery produces:
Vegetable transplants for the professional market in Israel 

Hishtil Ashkelon

Established (1981) in the Southern Industrial Zone of Ashkelon.

Ashkelon nursery produces:
Regular and grafted vegetable transplants
Organic vegetable and herb seedlings

Hishtil Afula
Established (1989) in Alon Tavor Industrial Zone (near Afula). 
Hishtil's export office operates from this nursery.

Afula nursery produces:
Perennials and herb stock plants
Rooted and unrooted cuttings

Nurseries around the world :

Hishtil Toros Fidecilik, Turkey


Hishtil Toros has been established in Turkey (1995).  The nursery produces regular and grafted vegetable seedlings.
Hishtil Toros was awarded a citation by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture for being a pioneer and quality model for the production of premium quality vegetable seedlings in Turkey. The award was granted to the nursery for the introduction of advanced production methods in Turkey, leading to reduced use of pesticides, improved disease prevention and increase of yields.

Address:  Hishtil Toros
Fidecilik Sanayi vi Ticaret a.s
Tekke Koyu gebiz yolu 10. km
Serik Antalya
Tel: +90 242 7174045

Centro SEIA, Italy


Centro SEIA nursery has been established in Italy (1996) and it is considered a market leader in regular and grafted vegetable seedlings production. The nursery also exports of its produce to neighboring European countries.
Centro SEIA owns daughter nurseries:
Leopardi Nursery in Ossimo, on the Adriatic shore in Italy
Printemp de Lot Nursery in France

Address:   Centro Seia srl
Via Palestro 241
97019 Vittoria
Sicily - Italy
Tel: 39-932 - 914011

Hishtil South Africa


Hishtil South Africa was established in 2007.
The nursery specializes in the production and marketing of regular and grafted vegetable plugs which are sold to farmers in South Africa and neighboring countries.


Hishtil South Africa - PTY
P.O.BOX  41
Mooketsi 0825
South Africa





Hishtil South Africa website:

Hishtil Adria, Bosnia

The nursery is under construction.


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