Euphorbia amygdaloides `Purpurea`
Main use Perennials 
Propagation unit  Vegetative 
Sales Europe and USA 
Pot size  13-15cm, 1-2L, 16-19cm, 3-4L 
Plants per pot One 
Sun exposure Sun or partial shade 
Water requirements Reduced 
Bloom Time  Spring, Summer 
Planting time Autumn to early spring 
Crop time 12-14 weeks 
Growing temperatures Minimum 15ºC (59ºf) for active growth. The plant can survive winter in non-heated greenhouses. 
Hardiness zone (USA) Z7-9 
Pinching 1-2 times for better branching 
Growth regulators No need 
Euphorbia amygdaloides 'Purpurea'
`Purpurea` is a bushy evergreen perennial with upright growth habit. It has dark purple foliage that contrasts well with its large lime green flowers. It grows up to 60cm (24") high and spreads to 30cm (12") wide. The plant is native to North Africa and the Middle East.
Point of Sale
This is a fashionable patio plant for sales in the summer.
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