Lippia citriodora

  • Strong lemon scent, great for teas

Mentha Spicata

  • Highly aromatic and refreshing in salads and drinks

Mentha spicata 'Moroccan'

  • The #1 herb! Great flavour, perfect for cooking & drinks

Mentha X Piperita

  • Aromatic ground cover
  • A remedy for the common cold & coughs

Origanum vulgare

  • Small aromatic leaves, great for cooking

Persicaria hydropiper Var. 'Rubra'

  • Unique spicy pepper flavor, decorative purple leaves

Salicornia Europaea

  • Add a taste of the sea to your cooking!

Salvia officinalis 'Grower'S Friend'

  • Great for pot growing, best variety for fresh cut leaves
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