Lavandula Angustifolia BeeZee™ 'Dark Blue'

A new hardy, compact and exciting angustifolia series with similar characteristic and tons of flowers that will attract and keep the bees busy during the long flowering seasons.

The BeeZee™ 'Dark Blue' is ‘Compact Hidcote’ Dark Blue, comparable to Hidcote; silver-grey foliage in winter; grey-green in  summer; grey in autumn; more free flowering than Hidcote; thick spike; first year flowering; compact and uniform.

Plant Characteristics

Growth HabitUpright
Plant Height39 CM
Foliage ColorGrey - green foliage (coarser than Hidcote)
Flowering PeriodSummer
Flower ColorDeep blue

Plant Growth

Planting TimeSpring - Autumn
Light ExposureFull Sun
Growing Temp (°C)12 Night, 16 Day
Propagation UnitsRooted Cuttings, Unrooted Cuttings
Available AsConventional
Sales AreaEU, North America – URC Only
Quantity Per Bag100
Ordering PeriodAll year round
Tray153 cells,264 cells
Pinched RC PlantYes

Box Dimensions: 30x50x37 cm.
· All goods are supplied as CPT terms.
· Minimum quantity per shipment of RC's or seedlings: 25 trays. No less than 1 tray per variety.


Recommended Pot Sizes (for retailers) Weeks Product Status
1L 40-45


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