Aubergine 'Baluroi'

  • Rustic plant.
  • Fruit length 20-22 cm.

Aubergine 'Bonica'

  • Constant crop all through winter.
  • A strong plant that can withstand various soil diseases.

Aubergine 'Clara'

  • Very sweet white fruits.
  • Healthy plant.
  • Fruit length 20-22 cm.

Aubergine 'Milar'

  • Milar F1 is one of the earliest eggplants.
  • Intense colour. No thorns.
  • Fruit length 22-25 cm.

Aubergine 'Serena'

  • Powerfull plant.
  • Beautiful and very homogeneous fruit.
  • Length 13-15 cm.

Aubergine 'Sultane'

  • Robust and very productive plant.
  • Ideal for hobby gardening.

Capsicum 'Big Devil'

  • “Tabasco” flavor
  • Easy to peel!

Capsicum 'Calibello'

  • Safe and powerful variety with fleshy fruits.
  • Suitable for protected and open-field production.
  • Fruit Length 15-18 cm. Width 8-10 cm

Capsicum 'Jericho'

  • Excellent garden performance!
  • Well-balanced and squat plant.
  • Fruit length 15-18 cm. Width 8-10 cm.

Capsicum 'Lamuyo'

  • Long, blocky fruits with thick pericarp achieving high fruit weight.
  • Fruit length 15-18 cm. Width 8-10 cm.

Capsicum 'Lipari'

  • Heavy "Corno di Toro"-Type with sweet taste.
  • Fruit length 20-25 cm. Width 3-5 cm.
  • Early and high yield.

Capsicum 'Tenor'

  • Very beautiful yellow color at maturity.
  • Delicious taste.
  • Fruit lendth 13-16 cm. Width 9-10 cm.

Capsicum 'Trebbia'

  • Yellow Lamuyo type.
  • Fruit Length 15-18 cm. Width 8-10 cm.

Cucumber 'Baby Rocky'

  • 'Baby Rockies' fruits are crisp, delicious, fat-free and contains potassium and vitamin C.
  • Ideal for snacks, salads, and lunch boxes.

Cucumber 'Bella'

  • Excellent for salads
  • Very elongated!

Cucumber 'Crokdelis'

  • Productive plant of short smooth type.
  • Possible use in snacking.

Cucumber 'Derby'

  • Exceptional good taste
  • Best Variety for pickling

Cucumber 'Gynial'

  • Fruit in the traditional Dutch type adapted for outside production.
  • Fruit length 25-28 cm.

Cucumber 'Jazzer'

  • Thick cucumber.
  • Yields for more than one cycle.

Melon 'Anasta'

  • Netted Charentais.
  • Beautiful orange coloured fruit pulp with a high content sugar.
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