Hishtil Nehalim


Established (1974) in Moshav Nehalim. 
The corporation head office is located in Hishtil Nehalim.

Nehalim nursery produces: 

  • Vegetable and cut flower seedlings
  • Flowering annuals
  • Natural landscape restoration plants
  • Herb seedling 

Hishtil Kfar Yedidya


Established (1975) in Kfar Yedidya.

Yedidya nursery produces: 

  • Vegetable transplants for the professional market in Israel 

Hishtil Ashkelon


Established (1981) in the Southern Industrial Zone of Ashkelon.

Ashkelon nursery produces: 

  • Regular and grafted vegetable transplants
  • Organic vegetable and herb seedlings 


Hishtil Afula


Established (1989) in Alon Tavor Industrial Zone (near Afula). 
Hishtil's export office operates from this nursery. 

Afula nursery produces:

  • Perennials and herb stock plants 
  • Rooted and unrooted cuttings

Hishtil Gderot


Established (2022) in Kefar Aviv. 

Gderot nursery produces:

  • Perennials and herb stock plants 
  • Rooted and unrooted cuttings

Hishtil Turkey


Hishtil Turkey was established in Turkey (1995). The nursery produces regular and grafted vegetable seedlings. The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture awarded Hishtil Turkey a citation for being a pioneer and quality model for the production of premium quality vegetable seedlings in Turkey. The award was granted to the nursery for the introduction of advanced production methods in Turkey, leading to reduced use of pesticides, improved disease prevention, and an increase in yields.


Head Office:
Fidecilik Sanayi vi Ticaret a.s
Tekke Koyu gebiz yolu 10. km
Serik Antalya

Tel: +90 242 7174045

Adana Branch:
Mustafalar Köyü - Ustahasanlar Mah.
Yeni Yayla Yolu 2.km
Sarıçam /Adana

Tel: 0322 377 2323 / 2424
Fax: 0322 377 2121

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Hishtil South Africa - HSA (Joint Venture)

South Africa

Hishtil South Africa (Pty) was established in 2007.
The nursery specializes in the production and marketing of regular and grafted vegetable plugs which are sold to farmers in South Africa and neighboring countries.


Head Office - Mooketsi                                         
P.O. BOX 41                                                              
Mooketsi 0825, South Africa                                     
Tel: +27 153 954 034                                                  
Fax: +27 153 954 010    

Riebeek West Nursery
Tel: +27 22 461 2508
Fax: +27 15 395 4010
Cell: +27 78 801 2746
Email: Sales@hishtilsa.com                                   




Hishtil Mexico (Joint venture)

Jelisco, Mexico

Hishtil Mexico established in Jalisco, Mexico in 2018. The nursery produces grafted vegetables and seedlings for the Mexican advanced professional growers.



Address: Carretera San Gabriel-Toliman KM 12.5 Presa de Tierra, San Gabriel Jalisco, C.P. 49700                                    

Tel: +(01)-312-223 0471                                                
E-Mail: gilmuro@hishtilmx.com


Hishtil Gelpi (Joint Venture)


Established (2013)

Hishtil-Gelpi specializes in the production and sale of vegetables, herbs, seedlings and grafted plants. for the professional and hobby markets.


AdressHishtil gelpi-spain, Pla de Grau, s/n, 08380 Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

Phone: + 93 765 4414

E-mail: dgelpi@hishtilgs.com


TRI Hishtil (Joint Venture)

North Carolina, USA


Tri-Hishtil is an international partnership that brings together decades of worldwide agricultural experience in plant-grafting, production, and soil management.
Specialized in the greenhouse production of grafted vegetable plants with a focus on watermelons, tomatoes, cantloupes, capsicums and aubergines.


TRI Hishtil
25 School House Road
Mills River, NC 28759

Tel: + 828-891-6004

E-mail: ben@tri-hishtil.com


Adria Hishtil (Joint Venture)

Bosnia and Herzegovina

undefined Established (2008)

 Adria-Hishtil specializes in the production of conventional and grafted vegetables plugs and rockwool plants.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the nursery provide services, mainly, in the Balkan and north-eastern European region. 

Gabela bb
88300, Èapljina
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: +387 36821087
Fax: +387 36819036
Mob: +387 63353602, Ivica Borovac
Mob: +387 63353732, Ante Jurkovic
Email: info@adria-hishtil.com


Centro Seia (Joint Venture)



Centro SEIA sells over 60 million seedlings every year of which over 20 million are grafted, has around 250 personnel, including technicians and a specialized workforce and is able to offer a wide range of products. 

Joint venture with Hishtil Ltd since 1994.

Tel : +39 0771 511058
Fax: +39 0771 500699
Email: a.fiore@sis-italia.it