Gaura 'Freefolk Rosy'

  • Long flowering period
  • Frost Free

Gaura Lindheimeri 'Cherry Brandy' (Gauchebra)℗

  • Annual–Perennial - no special forcing treatment to flower
  • Compact plant with remarkable pink flowers

Penstemon Pentastic™ series

  • Compact growth habit
  • Beautiful XL flowers
  • Pink, Rose, Red, Blush

Viola Hederacea

  • Very vigorous
  • Ideal for hanging baskets

Penstemon 'Riding Hood'® Red℗

  • Superb garden and container performance
  • It has a deep red perpetual flowering all summer
  • Scarlet bell shaped flower

Scabiosa incisa 'Kudo'℗

  • Magnet for bees and butterflies
  • Flowers all summer long
  • Ideal for beds and borders

Zaluzianskya ovata 'Orange Eye'

  • Remarkable patio and bed plant for a colorful summer

Dianthus Roselly® series

  • The earliest flowering among Dianthus varieties
  • Strong scent!
  • Suitable to be planted in mixes

Disco Rumba® VR

  • Perfect for hanging baskets and window boxes

Colori Joy® VR

  • The flowers size is small-medium with high spikes and dense blossoming above clean and rich foliage
  • Pinch once for large pot

Zaluzianskya ovata 'Star Balsam'

  • Remarkable patio and bed plant for a colorful summer
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