ISO 9001:2015


The ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard that consists of a set of working procedures and orders to guarantee an efficient quality management system within the organization.

Hishtil has decided to adopt this standard as a core managerial tool in its operations, aiming to provide the best service and most advanced products to its customers. The Company was certified in 2003 and continues to improve and streamline processes with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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The GLOBALG.A.P. is an international standard relating to the food and agricultural industry, which includes a thorough assessment of three perspectives:
Ensuring consumer health through produce cleanliness.
Ensuring safe working environments and employee safety.
Ensuring environmental protection while preventing pollution or detrimental effects caused by the growing process.

Beyond its certification to this standard, Hishtil is one of the first nurseries in the world to be accepted as a member of the organization.
Hishtil’s certification simplifies the export processes for exporting growers required to present their customers with certificates of produce safety. The presentation of Hishtil’s GLOBALG.A.P. certificate exempts the grower from presenting any other documentation relating to the plant propagation material.

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Organic Standards



Hishtil complies with the IQC Organic certification, with USDA and PPIS standards for the production of organic produce.

The organic standards define the conditions required to produce products without the use of forbidden chemical toxins and fertilizers, pesticides, preservatives, genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, synthetic hormones and vitamins, antibiotics, and a variety of other materials that are not healthy to man or the environment.


Hishtil:                PPIS, PPIS IQC extension,  Product list

Hishtil Afula         NOP, PPIS,PPIS IQC extensionProduct list 

Hishtil Ashkelon:  PPISProduct List


Good Seed and Plant Practices

GSPP ensures that the production site's quality management system, work methods and information supply comply with the GSPP standard. Hishtil and its production sites are checked periodically. Verification by audit organizations ensures availability of healthy seeds and plants as well as reliable quality information per production site, per entity or per lot/batch.

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Non-GMO Declaration


We hereby declare that to the best of our knowledge, all the varieties grown and supplied By Hishtil have been bred in conventional breeding methods.  Moreover, there is no use made with GMO products in all our procedures.

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