Through the ages, breeders have had to choose between edible appeal and plant growing ease.  As a result, the vegetable varieties which are easiest to grow often aren’t the ones with the best taste. While those with the most flavor or the best looks are often the ones which are weaker and more prone to disease. Through the years, diseases became more and more violent, spread faster and cause major yield loss occurrences.   

However, grafting solves this problem.

Grafting joins two different plant varieties together so the weaknesses of one variety are counteracted by the strengths of another. The above-ground part of the variety you want to eat grows on the roots of the other. As a result, even the weakest varieties are infused with extra strength which makes them grow more reliably and produce more, better quality fruit.

Thanks to grafting, you can successfully grow your favorite varieties of tomatoes, capsicums, cucumbers or aubergines no matter how challenging they may normally be.

Grafted Vegetable Plants Economical- Environmental Benefits

  • Higher yield
  • Survivability
  • Fruit quality
  • Water saving
  • Grow less for more
  • Elongated shelf life
  • Proven ROI
  • Reduced pollution
  • Fewer chemicals

Reasons to buy Hishtil's grafted vegetables:

  1. Good health! Because Hishtil’s plants are free from forbidden chemical residues.
  2. Predictability! Because Hishtil uses seeds supplied by reliable sources only.         
  3. Cost reduction! Because Hishtil’s plants show faster root development.
  4. Higher survivability! Because Hishtil’s plants are charged with solar energy.
  5. Experience! Hishtil produces over 500 million vegetable plants a year and over 80 million grafted vegetables a year.
  6. Reliability! Because Hishtil is certified by international quality standards.