Lippia Dulcis GrowFlow™ Organic

Native to Central America, Nicaragua and Mexico, Lippia dulcis is well grown in mild and damp climate and under full sun exposure. This 30 cm height grown plant isn`t evergreen, which means, it may lose its 5 cm sized leaves some months during the year. However, during spring time, small beautiful white conical spikes flowers appear. When grown, Lippia (Phyla) dulcis has a shrub-like development. For better performance, fertilize the soil by the end of the winter and water rarely, about once every 2-3 weeks. The pleasant sweetness rising from this special plant`s leaves comes from 4 main ingredients: ascorbic acid, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and hernandulcin. That is a natural sweetener for sugar and its substitutes in foods and beverages. Habit: Trailing

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The Aztecs used this plant as a sugar plant for their cooking and to ease coughs, colds, bronchitis & asthma. 


Plant Characteristics

Growth HabitTrailing
USDA Hardiness Zone9
Plant Height30 CM
Flowering PeriodSpring
Flower ColorWhite

Plant Growth

Planting TimeAll year
Light ExposureFull Sun
Growing Temp (°C)16 (Night), 20 (day)
Propagation UnitsRooted Cuttings, Unrooted Cuttings.
Available AsOrganic, Conventional.
Sales AreaEU, North America – URC Only.
Quantity Per Bag100
Recommended Pot Sizes (for retailers) Weeks Product Status
1L 6-7
Full sun or partial shade


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