Lavandula lusitanica 'Lusi Purple' / 'Lusi Pink'

Lavandula lusitanica 'Lusi Purple' / 'Lusi Pink'

Strong, durable and fragrant. Purple flags that spread a strong, pure lavender scent. The dark purple flowers are magnetic for bees and butterflies. The strong root and plant system endure longer transports. Large, sturdy flowers with large purple/pink flags, transport resistant, uniform growth, insusceptible to diseases and an exuberant, long flowering period. Consumers will enjoy the qualities of the Lusi Purple/Pink in the garden, on the balcony or the terrace. 

This tender perennial has compact growth habit, medium, dark purple flowers and light green foliage. It grows up to 40cm (16”) high and spreads to 40cm (16”) wide. The plant is native to Europe and northwest Africa.



Plant Characteristics

Growth HabitCompact
USDA Hardiness Zone8
Plant Height40 CM
Flowering PeriodSpring
Flower ColorPurple / Pink

Plant Growth

Planting TimeWinter - Summer
Light ExposureFull Sun
Growing Temp (°C)12 (night), 16 (day)
Propagation UnitsRooted Cuttings, Unrooted Cuttings.
Available AsConventional.
Sales AreaEU, North America – URC Only.
Quantity Per Bag100
Recommended Pot Sizes (for retailers) Weeks Product Status
1L 10-14
full sun or partial shade


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