Rungia Klossii 'Mushroom Plant'

Originated and very popular in Papua New Guinea, Rungia klossii is a fast grower bushy herb, common named ‘Mushroom Plant’ due to its leaves special mushroom flavor!

Rungia klossii’s beautiful green glossy leaves contain large amounts of iron, vitamin C and beta carbonate.

The leaves have a crispy texture, similar to spinach and can be eaten raw in tossed salad, tucked into a sandwich or use as a great garnish.

The mushroom flavor increases with cooking (in soups or stews). Pay attention that over cooking can make the leaves lose their bright color. So it is recommended to add it at the last minute of cooking.

The mushroom plant likes to grow in warm conditions, preferably in shade. Grow it all year long in your garden, pots or planters and enjoy a unique culinary experience. 

Plant Characteristics

Growth HabitUpright
USDA Hardiness Zone9
Plant Height50 CM

Plant Growth

Planting TimeAll year
Light ExposurePartial Shade
Growing Temp (°C)14+
Propagation UnitsRooted Cuttings, Unrooted Cuttings.
Available AsConventional.
Sales AreaEU, North America – URC Only.
Quantity Per Bag100
Recommended Pot Sizes (for retailers) Weeks Product Status
12cm 8


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