FuntaStick Ocimum 'Basil Tree'

'Basil Tree' is a non-stop harvest plant. The grafted basil will develop a real woody trunk and a massive "Ball head". It can be grown outside in the garden or patio in summer, or placed on the window inside the house in the winter. This tasty variety should be constantly clipped for culinary purposes (leaves consumption) and also for keeping the nice shape of the crown. If the crown is not trimmed it will grow big (50 cm diameter) and will eventually collapse open. If so happened, the crown should be cut back` leaving only 3-5 cm long shoots and it`ll grow back to full size in 2-3 weeks. Remark: The product is better sold in 2 L pots only when the trunk becomes real woody (6-8 months from planting).

Point of Sale:

Best Seller! Grow your Basil Tree forever instead of buying new potted basil every two weeks..

Downlad FunTaStick Basil Tree brochure

Plant Characteristics

Growth HabitUpright
USDA Hardiness Zone9
Plant Height40 CM
Popular UsagePizza,Salads,Pasta,Cheese Seasoning

Plant Growth

Planting TimeAll Year
Light ExposureFull Sun
Growing Temp (°C)12 (Night) 16 (Day)
Propagation UnitsRooted Cuttings, Unrooted Cuttings.
Available AsConventional.
Sales AreaEU – RC Only, North America – URC Only.
Quantity Per Bag25
Recommended Pot Sizes (for retailers) Weeks Product Status
1L 8


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