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Cucumber 'Baby Rocky'

  • 'Baby Rockies' fruits are crisp, delicious, fat-free and contains potassium and vitamin C.
  • Ideal for snacks, salads, and lunch boxes.

Cucumber 'Bella'

  • Excellent for salads
  • Very elongated !

Cucumber 'Crokdelis'

  • Productive plant of short smooth type.
  • Possible use in snacking.

Cucumber 'Derby'

  • Exceptional good taste
  • Best Variety for pickling

Cucumber 'Gynial'

  • Fruit in the traditional Dutch type adapted for outside production.
  • Fruit length 25-28 cm.

Cucumber ‘Socrates’

  • Robust plant
  • Produces large crops of good quality cucumbers
  • Autumn-winter variety with a unique bitter-free taste
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