Lavandula Dentata Evermore Blue℗ VR

  • 'Evermore Blue' is known for aggressive, high density of spikes blossoming with purple-blue flowers. This Lavender is very easy to grow, uniform growth habit. Best performance in 1L pots.

Lavandula Intermedia 'Grosso'

  • Good resistance to heat & drought, the lavender oil variety

Lavandula Pinnata

  • Annual variety with massive flower power all season!

Lavandula Stoechas 'Blue Star'

  • Easy to grow
  • Early flowering lavander
  • Great pot performance

Lavandula Stoechas 'Fathaed'

  • Huge inflorescence capitulum and unique fragrant

Lavandula Stoechas Madrid℗ series

  • Excellent pot performance!
  • Compact growth with long flowering season

Lavandula Stoechas 'New Madrid'℗ Series

  • Great for combination planting with other madrid varieties

Lavandula Vera

  • Excellent winter cold hardiness tolerant of zone 5.

Lippia Citriodora

  • Strong lemon scent, great for teas

Lippia Dulcis GrowFlow™

  • A natural sweetner for foods & beverages

Mentha 'Curly'

  • Decorative crinkled leaves & a good mint flavour

Mentha 'Jessica's Sweet Pear'

  • Free of runners
  • Fits perfectly into combination planting

Mentha Spicata

  • Highly aromatic and refreshing in salads and drinks

Mentha 'Thai'

  • Highly aromatic and great for infusion
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