In recent years, besides further expansion of its nurseries network, Hishtil is active in sales of nursery's production and administration technologies and procedures. As of today, the company offers its customers around the world, four know-how tracks to choose from:

1. Turn Key nursery project - a finished, ready to operate complex, of industrialized system for vegetables young plants production. This tailor made program, is designated for construction as an integral part of any modern hybrid seeds and greenhouse production based vegetables project. Further optional services in this track include:

  • Feasibility study
  • Site planning

2. First run safe guarding – training and supervision program for the nursery key personnel: 

  • Two weeks practical workshop in one of Hishtil nurseries.
  • One month, on site guidance by Hishtil experts.

3. Upgarding package for existing nurseries – unique tools and technologies which have specially developed by Hishtil and are daily used by Hishtil nurseries. No experiments made on the customer's budget. Everything offered has been tested, examined and used by Hishtil and in a real production roll. No surprises around the corner.

  • Vegetables soft grafting
  • Standard
  • Stock plants holding
  • Rooting
  • System and procedure upgrade
  • Professional \ operational nursery supervision

4. Unique Knowledge Products:
Plantech: A planting educational and training center operated jointly with "Degem Systems". The project features of a model nursery enables the students learn and experience modern plant theory combined with hands-on nursery operation and management.
Wild flowers production for natural landscape restoration
EcoStarter brand for a reduced chemical production programs.
Hishtil invests extensively in nursery activities abroad, including ventures in various fields based on its professional know-how.

When you purchase Hishtil's know-how packages you win:
   * A share in over 40 years experience of premium propagation methodology
   * Access to a world–wide proven success
   * Ongoing support and updates

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Recent projects

Unido, Guatemala and Honduras

Construction of melon grafting nurseries

In 2001, Hishtil provided 11 grafting production units for melons – 6 in Guatemala and 5 in Honduras – with means of operation. Developing the use of grafted vegetable field in these countries was aimed at providing the farmers with an alternative to soil disinfection with methyl bromide. Hishtil guided the farmers in operating the systems and growing the transplants.