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Tomato 'Agora'

  • Light green collar.
  • Very productive.
  • Nice colourful fruit.
  • Precocity Mid-early.

Tomato 'Ananas'

  • Very fleshy big fruit, with few seeds.
  • Precocity Mid-late

Tomato 'Andine Cornue'

  • Andine Cornue has an outstanding sweet and tasty fruit with no acidity at all.
  • Very fragrant fruit, without acidity.
  • Precocity Early.

Tomato 'Rose De Berne'

  • Beautiful, nicely-shaped fruit that has an excellent sweet flavor.
  • It has a thin skin.
  • Precocity Mid-early.

Tomato 'Brilliant'

  • Very compact strong plant for short cycle production.
  • High yield of tasty fruit.

Tomato 'Buffalosteack' Grafted

  • Fruit of large size with especially meaty flesh, few seeds
  • Early in its category
  • Productive and easy to grow

Tomato 'Cencara'

  • Cencara F1 is a typical Roma-type on an indetermined plant.
  • It produces fruity and sweet, beautiful bright red fruits.
  • Cencara F1 can be stored at room temperature.
  • It has no specific genes for ripening.

Tomato 'Chocoprevia'

  • Red-brown skin and dark red flesh with a sweet flavor
  • It is some days earlier than other brown tomatoes and has an i Intense sweet taste
  • Precocity Mid-early

Tomato 'Cookie'

  • Special shaped cherry type with a small tip at the top.
  • Excellent taste.
  • Precocity Very earlier.

Tomato 'Corazon'

  • Sweet and melting flesh
  • Very tasty tomato
  • Vigorous and healthy plants
  • Excellent young plant quality

Tomato 'Cornabel'

  • Sweet, Melting flesh
  • Fleshy fruit
  • Precocity Mid-late

Tomato 'Cuor Di Bue'

  • Oxheart. Big heart-shaped fruit
  • Homogeneous selection
  • Precocity Mid-early

Tomato 'Delizia'

  • Flat and ribbed fruits.
  • Very good vigour.
  • Sweet flavour.
  • Good results even under cold conditions.

Tomato 'Fleurette'

  • Fleurette is a very vigorous variety.
  • It produces high yield of large, red tomatoes with excellent flavor.
  • As the fruit matures its green collar disappears.
  • Precocity Early.

Tomato 'Gagliardo'

  • New hybrid variety in the horn type with very even and fleshy fruits.
  • Good yield and healthy plants.
  • Precocity Mid-early.

Tomato 'Garance'

  • Firm Fruit. Precocity Mid-early.
  • Very high content of lycopene and vitamin C.
  • To harvest when the fruit is totally red.
  • Excellent tast quality.
  • Garance is also easy to keep at room temperature with no specific genes concerning ripeness.

Tomato 'Gourmandia'

  • Melthy-in-the-mouth just like a heart-shaped tomato.
  • Highly productive, many fruits on each plant.
  • Very fleshy and large fruits.

Tomato 'Grappelina'

  • Mid-sized tross tomato producing firm fruits.
  • Grappelina produces many fruits with excellent taste.
  • Precocity Early.

Tomato 'Sungold' 'Gusta mini' Orange

  • High yield cherry variety with surprisingly tasting, golden-yellow fruits.
  • Very productive variety, 30 to 50 fruits per grape.
  • High sugar rate. Excellent taste quality.

Tomato 'Kilates'

  • A premium market product !
  • Average cluster bears 7 to 11 fruits without any skin staining or cracking.

Tomato 'Maestria'

  • This mildew-resistant plant yields tasty tomatoes.

Tomato 'Montfavet'

  • Vigorous plant.
  • Round regular fruit with green collar.
  • Precocity Early.

Tomato 'Noir De Crimee'

  • Fleshy fruit with an excellent taste quality.
  • Dark red-purple fruit.
  • Precocity Mid-early.

Tomato 'Paola'

  • Very early cluster tomato for greenhouse or outdoor.
  • Round, fleshy and tasty fruits.
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